Saturday, July 27, 2013

Working on the Zip

This blog started off with a reference to the Zip plans I had just ordered back in April. The plans arrived a week after I made that first post, and I got started on the stem that very weekend.

During breaks while working on the Utility, I have slowly & purposefully been working on parts for the Zip. I have been taking my time, carefully shaping the parts. I'm in no rush at this point, since after all I still have the first boat to finish.

I've made it a point to cut just outside the lines on the parts so far, then sand them down to the line. So far I've got the stem shaped, as well as the lower piece of the breasthook. I cut the top piece of the breasthook earlier today. Not much to show so far, but here are some photos.

Tracing the stem onto 3/4" Douglas Fir marine plywood.

First stem piece cut. Using it as a template to trace out the second piece.

Carefully filing out the notch in the lower breasthook piece.

The shaped Zip stem needs to be epoxied. Construction on the Utility is underway in the background.

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