Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Planking completed.

The planking is now completed. In a manner of speaking, the structural work on the hull is basically done. However, there is a lot of work still to be done before the fiberglass goes on.

I had just barely enough epoxy left to finish the job. I used System Three Silvertip, which I thickened with #2 silica, as the last of my mahogany sawdust was gone. I was also running low on 1” silicon bronze screws. However, I did have plenty of 1-1/4” screws. So, I snipped the ends off of enough of them to finish the job, and they worked just fine.

Now it's time for a lot of sanding.


  1. Congratulations Mike. Glad to see that you have finished the planking. It's a major step to get past all the fairing and planking. I cannot wait until I am at this point as well.

    I know that there will be tons of sanding for you, but the difficult part of getting everything to bend to your will is behind you now. Looking forward to seeing more updates.


  2. Thanks Carl! I've got to admit, it was a great feeling when the epoxy cured on that last panel. I've been doing as much sanding as time permits, (not much for a single parent), so the boat does look a little "cleaner" than in the above photo. I'll post some new photos and updates soon, after I make a little more noteworthy progress.