Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year. New Promise. New hope I'll get this thing in the water this year.

Progress is coming along steadily, if slowly on the Utility. The fiberglassing work continues. It's fortunately not difficult. It just takes time... working in sections, feathering edges, sanding, etc.

You know.... "boat building."

At this point, I've got all of the bottom fiberglassed on the Utility, and I've begun encapsulating frame # 5-1/2 on the Zip.

Here are a couple of progress photos. Happy New Year to you!

Zip frame #5-1/2, "glued and screwed," and awaiting encapsulation with marine epoxy.

Here are the Zip (L)  and the Utility (R), side-by-side. As you can see, they're at very different stages of completion.

Zip frame #5-1/2, partially encapsulated.

Hull bottom is fully fiberglassed, but needs to be sanded.

Starboard bottom, forward at the chine transition joint.

Sanding / Feathering the fiberglass cloth at port aft.
Overlapping the fiberglass cloth at the bow.

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