Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Starboard Fiberglassing Finished

It has been a while since I've worked on the boat. However, I'm back at it, and just finished fiberglassing the starboard side a few days ago. Here are a few photos...

6oz fiberglass cloth taped into place. I hadn't noticed the cloth had shifted before I cut it at the bow.

I left enough extraneous area to make it easy to cut  the cloth after the side was soaked with epoxy.
I've found that it's much easier to remove the tape by pulling it AWAY from the fiberglass cloth's frayed edge than toward it. MUCH less hassle.
Cloth wetted out with epoxy resin & trimmed along the bottom.
Because I hadn't noticed that the cloth shifted earlier, I cut away too much around the bow, and did not have enough cloth to lap over onto the port side.

I mis-judged and mixed WAY too much epoxy, so I went ahead and fiberglassed part of the port side using the scrap cloth cut from the bow area.
I have also cut and assembled the transom knee for the Zip. I don't have photos at the moment, so more on that later....

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