Friday, March 18, 2016

Pouring the flotation foam

Focusing back on the matter of flotation foam... I received my shipment of the stuff this afternoon. I'd ordered a 2qt set: 1 quart of resin, and 1 quart of activator. Naturally, I just had to pour it as soon as possible.

ALL of it.

I found a box that is approximately the size of the largest block of foam that I'd like to place under the deck. For ease of removal, I lined the box with a big garbage bag & used that as a primary mould.

The flotation foam is a two-part mixture, mixed in a 1:1 ratio of resin and activator. I measured and poured a 1/2 liter of each into a plastic garbage can & quickly mixed the two together with a stick. Then, I poured the mixture into my box mould.

I waited a few seconds for the foam to expand, knowing I had less than a minute of "workable" time with the stuff. It didn't seem to be expanding rapidly enough for my tastes, so I quickly started pouring a second batch.

As you might guess... yes, that was a mistake. Just as I began pouring the activator into my measuring cup, the original mixture had expanded to fill about 75% of the box mould, and was still going.

By that point, it was too late to turn back on the second batch. So, I mixed it as before, and left it in the plastic garbage can to expand. The result was kind of amusing... looking like a gigantic, ill-formed muffin.

Earlier in the week, my son & I installed a trailer wiring harness onto the car. It was a very simple, "plug-in" harness that I'd gotten for my birthday. Next step for the trailer is to install a new light kit that I bought at Cabela's. 

Soon, I hope to be towing the boat back to the lake.

The connector for my new trailer wiring harness.... ready & waiting for the trailer.

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