Saturday, October 15, 2016

Of Transom Sanding and Morning Coffee

A single parent's life can get pretty busy. Still, I've been able to work on the Zip's transom a little bit every day. Somewhere in that quiet morning time slot between 4:45 – 5:30, I'd be clutching my morning coffee in one hand, and sanding block in the other.

I've been trimming the top edge of the transom. I used a power sander to remove most of the overhanging plywood, then hand-sanded the rest for a cleaner finish.

In the process of all this, I found that the top of the motor board was not perpendicular to the center line. So, part of the sanding work was to correct that. I also developed a "U-shaped" dip in the motor board, and I had to flatten that out. 

I've basically got the top edge where I want it now. Next will be to cut the beveled notches for the keel, sheers, etc.

Checking the top of the motor board to make sure it's perpendicular to the center line.

Making sure I'd gotten the U-shaped dip out of the motor board. Not perfect, but very close.

Trimmed edge along the port-side top.

Trimming these curves in the transom cutout was a pain.

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