Sunday, August 27, 2017

Routine trailer repair keeps getting more expensive

As I was cleaning the grease off of the first spindle, I began to get the feeling that something was not quite right. Now, I'm no expert on trailers... but it would seem to me that a spindle should be round.

First hub off the axle
Cleaning grease off the spindle
This one wasn't. It had a substantial gouge cut into the underside surface. Actually, it had a couple.

I briefly considered just attaching the new hub and wheel anyway, and hoping for the best. I'd already bought them, after all.

Damaged spindle

Additional damage to the axle
However, I decided not to. I spent too much time building this boat to risk it. So, after some online searching, I finally found an axle that would fit the dimensions of my old trailer. I ordered it yesterday, along with new mounting hardware. There goes another $185. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. 

I'll also have to see about returning the hub and wheel I bought, and exchanging them for new wheels. These have a 4-hole pattern, and the new axle comes with pre-attached 5-bolt hubs. Hopefully I can get all this wrapped up in time for the G11 boatbuilders gathering in 3 weeks.

In other news, I got the first encapsulation layer of epoxy on the newly-widened stem for the Zip. I had enough epoxy left over that I also encapsulated the aft face of Frame #2.

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  1. This is why you should use something like bearing buddies.

    These are spring loaded hub pistons which are filled with grease. The idea is that the spring pressure and the grease keep the water out.