Sunday, September 10, 2017

New prop

At the G10 boatbuilders gathering last year, I got to learn a little about prop pitch from a more experienced boater. 

We came to the conclusion that a propeller with a lower pitch might help my boat perform better with two adults aboard. The lower pitch should allow higher rpms and more thrust, hopefully getting the boat to plane with a heavier load.

Last spring, during maintenance on the motor, I more-or-less deduced that the "F7" marking on the prop probably indicated the 7" pitch original prop that comes as standard equipment on Tohatsu-Nissan 8hp motors.

So, not long ago, I ordered a 3-blade, 6" pitch propeller from Tohatsu. Today, after a trip to the lake, I put it on the motor. It fit like a charm. Next weekend, weather permitting, I should be able to test it at G11.

Original prop, with its glossy black finish

"F7" marking on the original prop

New-in-the-box Tohatsu 6" prop

The new prop has a matte finish, and flattened tips on the blades

Unlike the original prop, this one is clearly marked with diameter and pitch

New prop attached to the motor. The matte finish contrasts with the glossy finish of the motor.

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