Wednesday, November 15, 2017


There's really not a whole lot I can say about this part of the process. 

The term "encapsulation," as it relates to boat building, refers to coating the wood with multiple layers of epoxy. The purpose is to seal the wood against moisture in an effort to prevent rot. 

The book, Boatbuilding with Plywood by Glen L. Witt, recommends that you apply at least two coats of epoxy — preferably three.

Lately, I have been encapsulating Frame #2... at a rather leisurely pace. I have been applying the epoxy with a thin foam roller, as well as a foam brush to get into the corners.

Second coat of epoxy on the forward face of Frame #2.

Second coat, sanded in preparation for third coat.

Third coat, on the forward face of Frame #2. 

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