Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Utility: Chines finished. Fairing completed.

I have finally gotten the 2nd set of additional chine strips shaped down to my liking. I'm predicting that all of the faired surfaces will still have to be adjusted a little when the planking is being fitted. That's fine. For the most part, however, I believe the fairing phase is basically done.

The first part of the planking stage will be to cover the transom with a layer of the Meranti Hydrotek. My goal is to bright-finish the transom, and I want it to match the deck. Before I can add another layer onto the transom, however, I have to sand down some remnants of dried epoxy.

Here are some iPhone photos of the progress:

Starboard chine at frame #1.

Starboard chine at frame #1.

Port chine at frame #1.

I have to sand off these bits of dried epoxy before I can add another layer onto the transom.

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  1. Looking great Mike. You must be getting excited now that you've basically finished the fairing process. I've been dreading that step on mine for some time. But even more, I am dreading adding the chine!. Still it has to be done and you give me confidence that I can accomplish mine in due time.