Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Utility: More incremental progress

As predicted, progress on the boat over the last 24 hours has been small and incremental. Little things have to be done in preparation for the larger tasks. So it was yesterday evening. I sanded & filed away at some big globs of cured epoxy.

I should not have been so careless as to let these big globs cure in place unnecessarily. It only makes for more work to do after-the-fact. Of course, you can't always reach some places to scrape away extraneous epoxy.

Equally, sometimes you can't reach a dried glob of the stuff with a sanding block or a file, when the thin blade of a putty scraper would've gotten rid of it easily before it cured. Such is the case with those spots behind the chine at the sheer. I decided to just leave them. Technically, I suppose these spots are already "encapsulating" that small area of the wood. It's just not pretty. So be it. That part of the boat will only be visible with a flashlight, anyway.

Moving forward, I'll just have to strive to work more neatly with epoxy.

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