Monday, October 5, 2015

And the painting continues.

After the fourth coat of Whidbey White, the dark colors of the wood aren't showing through. So, the middle section is basically done... except for the sheers, which will be painted Sea Foam Green.

With this section finished, I re-installed the stainless steel grab handle onto frame #2.

It may be hard to discern the difference in the photo... but that's 4 coats of WR-LPU Whidbey White on the right, and only 2 on the left. I didn't see the point in painting 4 coats in the forward area, as it will be covered by the deck.

The next step will be to either begin assembling the seats, or finish applying the 2nd layer of epoxy to the aft section. I'm not sure which I'll do.

Aft section needs a 2nd coat of epoxy before painting.
I also found some Sea Foam Green registration decals online & ordered them. I hope they'll match the bottom paint reasonably well.

These are the decals I ordered. I'm looking forward to seeing how they look.

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