Monday, October 19, 2015

Front Seat & Epoxy Progress

Over the weekend, I made some more progress toward getting the seats finished & the rest of the interior painted. 

These were small but necessary tasks. For the most part, the results aren't visibly much different from photos in my last post, but here goes...

Since the seats are made from exterior-grade plywood, (rather than marine grade), there are voids in the different layers. Several of these voids were exposed on the edges, so I had to fill them with thickened epoxy.

Plywood void on the front seat filled with silica-thickened epoxy.

Same process for voids on the rear seat.
After I finished this task with the seats, I filled in a few minor remaining gaps on some other parts of the boat.

Shallow gap filled between the plywood hull and curved section of the sheer.

These screw holes were originally intended to attach supports for a sole. I decided against the sole, so these holes needed to be filled.

Corresponding holes on the other frame were also filled.
The registration number decals I'd ordered online arrived. The Sea Foam Green isn't an exact match for the hull bottom, but it'll work.

I trimmed the overhanging edges of Meranti off of the front seat, and sanded them lightly. When I test fit the seat back into the boat, I changed my mind about painting the edges green. I think I'll leave them as-is. The difference in shades is not that drastic after all.

Then I mixed some more epoxy, and rolled on a thin layer to encapsulate (and stain) the Meranti top of the seat. As I'd done with the transom, I squeegied it meticulously for a smooth finish.

I used the rest of the epoxy to finally add a second layer to the remaining unpainted section of the hull. Now I can finally finish painting this part.

After I encapsulate the bottom of the front seat, I'll be ready to install it permanently.

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  1. Nice job on the bench seat Mike! It looks great in there and provides a nice contrast to the white interior. It's fun trying to get a smooth finish with epoxy isn't it?