Monday, April 25, 2016

Deck Attached

Well, I wanted a boat with a wooden deck, and now I have one. 

Finally, I've got the deck attached. It took all the epoxy I had left, but fortunately that was enough. 

I thickened the epoxy with #2 silica into a very thick paste, and applied it liberally to the deck framing and sheers. As the saying goes, "You never have enough clamps," and I certainly found this to be true once again. I had to get creative with the clamping.

Other than that, it was a pretty straightforward process. The deck is glued on with epoxy only — no screws. 

These are my two blocks of flotation foam, coated in 2 layers of epoxy and paint. These went in first.

Once the deck panel was on, I used every clamp I had available to bend it to the contours of the framing.

I had to get creative with the clamps. Several of them were daisy-chained together so they'd reach. When I ran out of bar clamps, I had to employ a couple of concrete blocks.

This view shows the forward panel that holds the flotation foam in place.

Clamps removed, and everything seems solid.

Much sanding and finishing remains to be done.

The curves on the ends of the deck panels were meant to cover the gussets on top of frame #2.

Shaping the transom side frame members for the Zip.

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