Monday, May 9, 2016

Epoxy & Varnish

Now, my garage smells like a real boat shop. I just finished up my first varnish job, on the quarter knees and the thwarts. This was my first time using varnish, and I didn't really know what to expect. I wanted to get a little practice on these pieces before taking on the transom and deck.

Speaking of the deck... a few days ago, I sanded it lightly and coated it with a second coat of epoxy.  Even though I'd just mixed a small batch of epoxy, I had enough left over to put another coat on some Zip parts.

Second coat of epoxy on the deck.

Second coat of epoxy on the deck.

Varnish drying on the port quarter knee.

Varnish drying on the forward thwart.

Varnish drying on the starboard quarter knee.

Varnish drying on the thwarts.

This photo shows some surface imperfections on the deck. These lines or ridges were left over from squeegeeing the second layer of epoxy. I need to find a way to put the 3rd coat on more smoothly.

I bought this brush spinner to help with cleaning my varnish brushes. What a great tool! After you rinse your brush in mineral spirits, you attach it to the spinner. Pump the spinner like a bike pump, and it spins the brush like a manual eggbeater. It slings the mineral spirits right off. Then you can rinse the brush.

Current Status of Zip Parts
Stem & Breasthook Assembly2 coats of epoxy
Frame 5-1/2Forward face has 3 layers of epoxy. Other surfaces have 1 layer.
Frame 4Side members cut, but have not been planed or notched for sheer.
Transom KneeCoated with 3 layers of epoxy
TransomSide frame members cut 1/4" oversized on outer side. Have not been planed. Transom drawn onto 1/4" BS1088 Meranti plywood.

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