Saturday, June 25, 2016

Battery mount installed & a few other things

Let's just get right to the pictures:

I did the touch up painting on the stem, adding two coats of Whidbey White to the battery mount supports...

Here is the actual battery mount, with the Attwood battery box mounting hardware reattached. As planned, I coated the underside of it with 1 layer of thickened epoxy, which I also applied to the top of the supports. I pressed them together, and now it's just a matter of waiting for the epoxy to cure.

Battery mount, epoxied into place.

I arranged my plan for clamping the switch panel underneath the starboard quarter knee. Finally, I was able to justify buying those Bessey variable spring clamps I bought a long time ago...

I marked and drilled the holes for mounting the bilge pump switch to the panel. Here it is, mocked-up in position, before I removed the switch and epoxied the panel into place.

Switch panel, epoxied into place.

I decided how I would mount the removable panel that will hold the bilge pump into position. I'll attach the base of the bilge pump to a 1/4" plywood base. I'll secure the base to the side of the transom knee. Since the flat surface of the plywood will not allow for any rotation, I believe I can safely secure this into place with only one screw or bolt.

Bilge pump panel, assembled & coated with first layer of epoxy.

And lastly, in other news... I added another pair of fender cleats at the back of the gunwale. The last time I had the boat out, I quickly got tired of having to use the rear cleats for both docking lines AND fender lines.

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