Friday, June 24, 2016

Incremental progress on the battery mount

The last week has been dominated by the tragic and unfortunate death of my ex-wife. Now, I'm back to work on Perseverance... though I haven't got much done.

I'm continuing to work on the battery mount. No major progress to report, but I've gotten the miscellaneous mahogany parts encapsulated with two coats of epoxy. 

The exception is the underside of the battery mount itself. I want to be able to epoxy bare wood surfaces together, when I attach the battery mount to the support brackets. For encapsulation, I will probably just coat the entire underside of the battery mount with one layer of thickened epoxy and attach it to the support brackets all at the same time.

After adding a second coat of epoxy to the support brackets, I used mahogany sawdust left over from sanding the Zip's motor board to thicken the remaining epoxy in the batch. I used that to glue the brackets to the stem.

Next step for the brackets is to paint them Whidbey White, along with touch-up paint on the stem.
I used DAP Plastic Wood to fill the holes on the end blocks of the battery mount.  Here, it is simply resting in position.
Also encapsulated with a second coat of epoxy is this small panel for the bilge pump switch.

I'm planning to install the bilge pump switch underneath the rear starboard quarter knee.

And finally, a couple of photos from better days... in a time and place far, far away. These were taken in northern Italy in 1998. RIP.

1977 – 2016
1977 – 2016

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