Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Slow Saga of Zip Frame #4 — part five

In part four of this "Slow Saga," we left off with a pretty substantial gap in the first glued lap joint.

The gap, as of the last post.

Yesterday, I filled the gap with thickened epoxy, then forced the gap closed with some substantial clamp pressure.

The lap joint clamped back together, as the epoxy cures. I used scrap plywood to protect the wood from the strong clamp pressure.

After leaving it to cure for 24 hours, I removed the clamps. Thankfully, the closed gap held.

Clamps removed.

I wanted to drive a second screw through the lap joint, so I drilled a pilot hole, then countersunk it with a larger drill bit.

My attempt at countersinking the 1-3/4" #10 screw wasn't that great. The second attempt, on the other side of the frame was better.

Unable to leave well enough alone, I removed the screw from the first side, re-drilled the hole with a slightly larger bit, and drove a new screw through it. Much better.

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