Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Slow Saga of Zip Frame #4 — part six

I had so much fun countersinking those 1-3/4" screws, I decided to add two more.

This gave the side members of Frame #4 a nice diagonal pattern where it is screwed all the way through the lap joint.

I learned my lesson from the port lap joint, so on the starboard joint I was very vigilant to make sure all surface-to-surface contacts were solid.

Starboard lap joint

Epoxy cured, and clamps removed

I also bought myself a 3/8" plug cutter, to try my hand at installing bungs in those countersunk holes.

Bungs installed

The bungs were easy enough to install. For my first attempt at trimming them, I used a chisel to shear them off. This didn't go so well. The bungs broke, as much as they were "sheared." This left a slight indentation in the bungs that was below the surface of the frame. They kind of resembled screw heads.

First attempt at trimming bungs

For the other side, I used a saw. This worked MUCH better. The saw trims the bungs quickly, and it does not take long to sand them flush with the rest of the wood.

Second attempt. Better.

For the time being, that's about all I can do on Frame #4 until I buy more mahogany to build the deck beam / dash board.

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