Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The keyword for the current phase of the build, I suppose, would be "blocking."

"Blocking" is the term to describe the little pieces of wood that you add, here and there, to support or reinforce "other stuff," such as: 

  • seats, 
  • deck framing, 
  • and in the case of this post... the quarter knees.

The blocking for the quarter knees, like the quarter knees themselves, are cut from 3/4" mahogany. This blocking will also provide support for the transom handles I'm planning to add later. 

To attach the blocking, I simply used epoxy thickened with #2 silica. 

Blocking for the port quarter knee.

Blocking for the starboard quarter knee.

Starboard side, with the clamps removed.

I used the extraneous thickened epoxy to fill holes and gaps here and there. This is the sheer-to-transom junction on the port side. Here you can also see a cross-section of the overlapping fiberglass cloth on the corner.

I filled in this little gap on the transom, near the motor board. This may be "marine grade" Douglas Fir plywood, but it's obviously not made to BS1088 standards. (The outer layer is 1/4" BS1088 Meranti.)

Small gaps filled in around the top of the transom knees.

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