Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quarter knees cut & fitted

Today I cut out the quarter knees from a piece of mahogany. I used the transom knee from the Glen-L plans as the basis for the shape. However I had to change the corner angle to match.

Using my angle finder, I determined the transom-to-sheer corner angle to be 110°, or a 10° outward rake. (The keel-to-transom rake is 12°). Of course, theory is all fine and good... I drew it, I cut it, I planed it. I still had to re-cut it to fit. C'est la vie.

With another angle-finding tool, I determined that the vertical rake from the transom to the midline of the sheer was about 5°. So, I adjusted my planer/jointer to 5° and planed the edge of the knee that will mate to the transom. Happily, it worked great the first time. 

A little minimal corner-cleaning with a chisel, and everything fit great. Repeat for the other side.

I've also heard these pieces referred to as "corner knees." Whatever the proper term is, I still need to finish sanding them.

Mahogany port quarter knee
Port quarter knee.

Starboard quarter knee.

This is where I'm planing to install the rear cleats.

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