Saturday, August 15, 2015

Seat blocking & epoxy's love affair with tape

It has been a busy week with band rehearsals & back-to-school shopping, but last night I did manage to get the blocking for the rear seat attached.

I had covered the ends of the seat with blue painter's tape in an effort to keep from gluing the seat down just yet. In short, it worked. But, after I had pried the seat off of the blocking, I was reminded that epoxy really likes blue tape. Epoxy likes blue tape a lot.

That's a mess to clean up another day.

16 clamps to install 2 pieces of seat blocking? Yep. Some to clamp the seat to two levels; some to clamp the seat to the center support; some to clamp the blocking to the seat; and two used as spreaders to push the blocking upward & outward.

The larger Irwin bar clamps are great, because you can switch them around & use them as spreader bars.

Port side blocking attached.

Starboard side blocking attached.

No, I won't win any prizes for fit and finish. (I'm not trying to.) Even with the imperfect fit, the thickened epoxy is tenaciously holding the little mahogany block to the side of the boat.

I can fill in the remaining gaps with epoxy when I encapsulate the inner surfaces of the hull.

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