Sunday, November 1, 2015

Finishing up the Whidbey White

Finally, I've finished painting the interior area that will be Whidbey White. 

The quarter knees are taped off so that I can paint the sheers.

After the paint dried, I re-installed the stainless steel eye-bolt in the transom knee.
My daughter helped me pick out a section of Meranti plywood to add to the top of the aft seat. I cut it out of a partial sheet, and it is waiting to be laminated onto the A/C plywood thwart.

Grain pattern for the aft thwart.
Work remaining to be done includes:
  • Finishing construction and installation of the seats
  • Painting the sheers Sea Foam Green (some spots still need epoxy first)
  • Planking the deck
The following two photos are for future reference when I install the deck cleat and bow chocks:

Measured distance from aft face of fwd frame to mid-line on deck beam - 18"

Measured distance from aft face of fwd frame to aft edge of breasthook (port side shown) - 36.5"

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