Monday, June 1, 2015

Not so shiny now...

Here she is, fiberglassed and sanded in preparation for painting...

And, here is the planned paint scheme: Sea Foam Green bottom and accents, Whidbey White hull, and bright-finished deck, transom & seats.

The Important Lesson I Learned About Bottom Paint
Initially, I had chosen Aquagard bottom paint (anti-fouling paint) in teal for the bottom of the boat. I was drawn to the good reviews and "Eco-Friendly" aspect of their paint. However, after swapping e-mails with the very helpful folks at Flexdel, I learned that using anti-fouling bottom paint on my boat would be a mistake. Why? My little boat will live most of its life on a trailer... dry. It will only be in the water as often as I'm able to take it to the lake. Anti-fouling bottom paint is meant for boats that will be left in the water for prolonged periods of time. For my use, regular marine enamel will work just fine. That may be obvious to most of the boating world, but I didn't know until I asked. So, if you didn't know, either... there ya go!

So, instead of the Aquagard bottom paint, I'm planning to use their Aqua Gloss marine enamel, over their 190 primer. I ordered it last week, so it should be here any day now.

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