Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trailer and a Paint Job

I found a 16' tilting boat trailer on Craigslist for a reasonable price, so I bought it. I'll need to re-carpet the bunks, but now I have something to put the boat on when it's time to flip the hull.

Trailer: Check.

Last night, I painted 2 coats of System Three WR-LPU Whidbey White on the hull. I used the basic "Roll and Tip" method, which seemed quite easy after watching a couple of online videos. 

Since the paint was going on top of System Three's Silvertip epoxy, the tech support folks at System Three said there was no need for a primer coat first. I'd have to say that the technical support people at both Flexdel (makers of the Aquagard marine paints) and at System Three have been both responsive and helpful.

2 coats of Whidbey White
The WR-LPU is a two-part paint. I mixed a 16 oz batch for starters, and that proved just enough to paint two coats on both sides of the hull, (excluding the transom). I haven't decided yet whether to add a third coat.

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