Saturday, September 12, 2015

G9 minus six

Six days until G9. No major updates today, but I did want to keep the whole "countdown" theme going...

Today, my Perko oarlocks arrived from Jamestown Distributors. As with the Perko bow chocks I bought, I was happy to see that the oarlocks are also made here in the USA. I'm not sure what happened to the oarlock sockets I ordered along with them, though...

Why oarlocks? I just wanted to have the rowing option. Some lakes at State Parks, etc, where I like to go don't allow outboard motors.

Also, tonight I drilled the hole in the transom knee for the stainless steel eye bolt. The eye bolt will secure a safety line that should prevent the outboard motor from sinking to the bottom of the river, should it vibrate loose from the transom. 

Actually, both the eye bolt, as well as the type of oarlock sockets I ordered, are ideas I borrowed from the Glen-L Utility that I got to see and drive at G8.

Glen-L Utility
This Glen-L Utility at G8 has both an eye bolt mounted in one of the transom knees, as well as edge-mount oarlock sockets.

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