Friday, September 11, 2015

G9 minus seven

Seven days until G9.

It's also September 11. 

Like so many other Americans on the east coast, I will never forget the beautiful, crystal-clear, cobalt blue sky that morning. Such a beautiful morning, and cooler than it was today.


Okay, today's progress is that I painted more. I got the 2nd coat onto the section I painted yesterday, with one exception: I still need to paint the undersides of the deck framing, sheers, and breasthook. 

I also painted the aft face of Frame #2.

With the 2nd coat on, the color is starting to look much better.

I decided to get the Forest Green fenders. They don't quite match the Sea Foam Green bottom paint, but they do look better than the Teal fenders, which were simply too blue. I didn't want to get white, because I felt they'd blend in too much with the boat. I wanted complimentary colors & a little contrast. I suppose I could've gone with black, to match the outboard motor... but I didn't.

I also decided to color-code my ropes: Forest Green fender lines to match the fenders, and braided Gold & White dock lines.

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