Thursday, September 3, 2015

Shim for the strongback

shim for deck framing strongback

As it turns out, I did install the strongback incorrectly.

Even after I'd faired the front of the breasthook down to meet the sheers, it was readily apparent that the forward angle on the strongback was too steep. What I should have done was to notch the bottom of the strongback, so that the front of it extended several inches across the top of the breasthook.

Instead, I cut the whole thing too short, and bent it down too far. 

Can't change that now.

So, I made a shim from a 16" piece of Southern Yellow Pine. Using a block plane and my planer/jointer, I formed it to fit into place. Then I epoxied it on. 

The next step will be to sand the top of it down so that the deck will fit properly.

My test piece of plywood clearly shows that the angle of the strongback is too steep.

The shim, clamped into place while the epoxy cures.

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