Tuesday, September 15, 2015

G9 minus three

Three days to go. With G9 getting closer, I'm trying to get the boat and trailer ready to travel. Today I bought some Boat Buckle straps for the transom, and attached them to the trailer. Aside from having to buy 3/8" bolts, because the supplied 1/2" bolts were too large for the holes in my trailer, THAT part went pretty easily.

Boat Buckle tie-down straps for the transom
I'm running into trouble at the other end of the trailer, however. I installed a "Y" shaped piece to support the bow. Unfortunately, the support arm does not reach far enough for it to make contact with the boat, even with the winch post shifted as far back as possible. Not only that, but the bow eye is right in the way.

Time for some troubleshooting, but it will have to wait for tomorrow.

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