Wednesday, September 9, 2015

G9 minus nine

Nine days to go until the G9 Boatbuilders Gathering.

I'm waiting on my order of epoxy to arrive.

Today's progress: I got the transom and quarter knees drilled for the transom handles that came in today, as well as the cleats I bought at the G7 Gathering. The transom and the quarter knees still need to be varnished before I attach these items permanently.

The transom handles are Sea Choice 6", chrome-plated zinc. They are attached with stainless steel #10 1-inch self-tapping screws. I don't remember the brand of the cleats... possibly Sea Choice, also. They're the inexpensive variety, probably chrome-plated zinc, also. They are attached with stainless steel #8 3/4-inch self-tapping screws.

The other item that came in today was my pair of Perko bow chocks. I was very pleased to see on the packaging that they're made in the USA. 

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